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If you knew you might die tomorrow would you do anything different today?

That is the question that started ONE4GIVEN...

Six years ago I had a friend named Jack. He was the kind of guy that everyone liked, and reminded me of Jack in the movie Titanic. Jack was not saved, he did not know the Lord. When I knew him I was a Christian, but NOT walking with the Lord. Because my witness was weak, I decided not to share my faith with Jack. I figured he would just look at me and say, "you don't walk your talk buddy."

Not sharing my faith with him was a mistake that I would live to regret...

Later, I moved to Tampa on business. On a call back to Tallahassee I asked a friend how Jack was doing. The next news I heard changed my life forever... The friend told me that while Jack was riding in a car another car hit them from behind pushing them into oncoming traffic. Jack was struck in the head and killed instantly. I felt sick. I had every chance to witness to Jack but because of my fear of rejection and lack of faith I had decided I would "wait" until I was stronger, or I felt Jack would be more receptive. A mistake I would never repeat again.

Two years ago I began to have sever electrical pain in my mouth. At first I thought it was just a cracked or broken tooth. If only I could have been so lucky. After going to a Neurologist I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia a rare and extremely painful condition. Something as simple and routine as brushing my teeth, shaving or even a slight breeze would trigger an attack, resulting in sheer agony. Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is not fatal, but it is universally considered to be the most painful affliction known to medical practice. Imagine how it would feel to chip open one of your teeth and then attach an electric cord to it! For a year I took almost 30 pills a day to control the pain. Every night I prayed that God would heal me, that I would just wake up and the pain would be gone. One day my wife told me that I should pray for God to heal me through surgery. I had never considered this but began to pray about it.

This surgery is not to be taken lightly. It entails ...

  • Shaving your head
  • Cutting open the scalp in the back of your head
  • Drilling a hole in your skull
  • Moving the brain slightly over to the side
  • Carefully fixing the nerve that is causing the pain
  • Finally, putting everything back together again!

Was there risk of Death? Yes, a slight one they said. It didn't sound too slight to me!

After much prayer I decided to go through with the operation. BUT this time I was going to do things differently! I had several friends in the mall that were not saved and I had never shared my faith with them.

What if I didn't make it through the surgery? I thought of Jack and I knew what I had to do! There was no way I was going into that surgery without talking to them. I went to each one of them and told them what was about to happen to me. Then I shared my faith with them. I told them that I was not worried because I knew my future was going to be great regardless of what happened! They were in awe! I had planted seed, and now I encourage them every time I see them in the mall.

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If you knew you might die tomorrow would you do anything different today, and if so why aren't you doing it now?

Who do you know that is not saved?

When I share ONE4GIVEN I am sowing seeds and sharing my faith with others.
Are you ONE4GIVEN? If so don't hide it.